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Creative Content for Everyone

Offering digital content services for self-expression, distribution, marketing, and/or publication. 

creative content for everyone

We offer a wide range of digital content for all your creative needs. Learn more below.


Creative Writing

Including, but not limited to: articles, books, novels, novellas, fiction, nonfiction, ghostwriting, screenplays, personal essays, outlines, story outlines, copywriting, songwriting.


Movies, videos, music, art, graphics, book covers, posters, infographics, logos, advertising media, photography, and more.


For any medium that uses the written word. Includes spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. For a more in-depth analysis, use our editing services.


A deep dive into your content that helps with content development, content structure, and proofreading.

Web Design

Website, e-commerce, ads, marketing, social media, SEO. 

Personal Coaching

Creativity and idea generation. A support system to help you create without all the negativity.

Who is Content Creation For?

Change comes from yourself. I help guide you to your own possibilities, allowing you to self-transform like a blooming butterfly. Read more on the right, using the plus sign to drop down additional insight.

Rediscover your creative self.

We are taught in society to go to school, learn the standard curriculum, learn a skill or a degree in college. We are not taught or encouraged to be creative. We are taught to consume or to solve a problem.

Whether you're a writer, a parent, a singer, a painter, an inventor, or anything else, you are a creator.

You are creation itself, expressing that as a form of life. Creation is life expressing itself. Why do we sell ourselves so short then? Why do we all struggle to feel abundant, happy, fulfilled, and free?

What if all the negativity in your head right now was just a belief, something you created, but that you could easily change like the snap of your fingers?

See, reality is really only perception--a personal one for that matter. Your life can take on countless combinations of these perceptions. Pick one--now it's your reality. Another way of looking at this is with something called mindset. Mindset is what keeps you where you are or pulls you ahead. It's all up to you really.

Stop the cycle of being stuck.

Start by being curious about things and questioning things. I can't tell you how many times I've found mistakes out there in the world. Don't think that everyone is right. Society is riddled with errors and all my life I've been able to spot many of these that go beyond my world of proofreading. You have to start noticing things. Be the noticer. There is a book called The Noticer that I recommend for a great read that accompanies this. Statistics and research shows that beliefs have a profound effect on a person. 

Fears can really mess things up.

We hold out of things because we are afraid and later end up regretting, or we judge too much and end up being so wrong about something. We just sit around hoping that something will change only to keep repeating the days until every day feels like the same day over and over. Remember that you are creative. Start making your day full of wonder of what you'll create today and the next and the next. Soon you will see your greatness materialize externally. eMetaphor will help you with your content creation and speed up the process.

endless possibilities with creative content

What will you create today? What do you dream of creating for you and your audience?


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Giving more people access to larger audiences, and helping you create quality content with the ease of access at home. 

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The sky is the limit. Bring your ideas to life without having to do all the work yourself.




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