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We make creating content easier for everyone.  You have the ideas, but don’t have the time and/or skill. That’s where we step in. We help you bring your ideas to life, so that you can focus on your message, expression, or business. 

In this digital age, more and more people are seeking to create and bring those creations into the world. More than ever, we are now involved in the generation and sharing of content at a rapid pace.  Whether you are an individual, small business owner, entrepreneur, or a larger business, we offer a number of creative services tailored to your specific needs.

creative content for everyone

We offer a wide range of digital content for all your creative needs. Learn more below.


Creative Writing

Including, but not limited to: articles, books, novels, novellas, fiction, nonfiction, ghostwriting, screenplays, personal essays, outlines, story outlines, copywriting, songwriting.


Movies, videos, music, art, graphics, book covers, posters, infographics, logos, advertising media, photography, and more.


For any medium that uses the written word. Includes spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. For a more in-depth analysis, use our editing services.


A deep dive into your content that helps with content development, content structure, and proofreading.

Web Design

Website, e-commerce, ads, marketing, social media, SEO. 

Personal Coaching

Creativity and idea generation. A support system to help you create without all the negativity.

My Story

Carrie, a life-long learner, certified teacher, and founder of eMetaphor, writes about topics that transcend the self in order to guide others in what she has learned. She believes that learning and experiencing life is an art form, a gateway to transcend and express abstract dreams into concrete realities, having an opportunity to leave a unique impression on others, changing their lives. In addition to creative arts, she has served as an English language arts writing instructor and tutor at state colleges and universities. She has been featured with organizations such as Edge Life Magazine, Essential Wellness,, Educational Testing Service, Writer's Digest, and local community publications. It is important to realize our dreams and do what we love every day by manifesting those dreams into reality through love from the heart. Health, happiness, and success are major components we aim to achieve and maintain. The purpose of her teachings is to guide others in achieving these goals, with a major component focusing on self-realization. She has spent much of her life studying and applying concepts of alternative healing, metaphysics, and self-realization utilizing her education background, in a calling to realize ways to take better care of the body, mind, and soul.

My Values & Beliefs

My Approach

eMetaphor has evolved over decades of experience, skills, and research, and how we seek to find the elements that enable us to form a symbiotic relationship with the world. This symbiotic relationship involves a state of well-being with oneself that encompasses an ideal state of health, happiness, and success in a person’s life while striving to maintain a positive relationship with others and the environment in which we live.

My Vision

eMetaphor is unique in this holistic aspect. It's about achieving your dreams. And not giving up this time!  Gaining more free time rather than buying stuff is the key to happiness. Going from consumer to creator will help you get there.  I take you on a journey to becoming your best self. Through my own hard-learned experiences for decades and the knowledge I've gained along the way, my hope is to inspire you into a realm of new discovery and achievement for yourself.

Your Results

How many times have you said and tried to accomplish the goals in your life, only to be bogged down by everyday living? It's a double whammy! If you're stressed out, burnt out and exhausted, dealing with challenges on a daily basis that don't seem to get better and accumulate, then I invite you to join our community here at eMetaphor, so that we can help you create the content that you need to get out there in the world for yourself and for others.

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Helping you connect to your full potential.

Carrie Soneji

Carrie Soneji

Founder of eMetaphor

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We bring decades of experience and skills, including working with:

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